About Us


We are two moms, childhood best friends, and now business partners passionate about providing delicious treats for families with food restrictions.

We were raised health and food conscious by our hippy parents and we are now doing the same with our kids. Our allergy friendly treats promise to be the super-yummiest found anywhere.

This is healthy eating at its most flavorful, most natural, and if we may say so, it’s most decadent.

Rosa Dixon and Milia Lando, Natural Decadence Co-Owners

Owner, Rosa Dixon

Rosa started the Natural Decadence catering business, specializing in French pastries and desserts. When her young daughter was diagnosed with Celiac, Rosa reworked her recipes to fit the needs of those with dietary restrictions. When transitioning Natural Decadence to a gluten free bakery, Rosa was passionate about creating delicious desserts without sacrificing her own sensibilities as a passionate food lover.

Owner, Milia Lando

Milia has been a business owner in the health and wellness field for over a decade, specializing in massage therapy and Feng Shui. In 2011, health challenges made necessary for her to make major changes to her diet. It was a challenging transition, but it was during this time that Milia became inspired to create gluten free, egg free, dairy free, and nut free foods for those seeking delicious foods on a limited diet.

Our Story

Rosa’s personal story of having a young child with celiac is similar to the countless moms you meet when you’re a gluten-free business. Her young daughter was constantly sick, throwing up on average 17 times a day. At first she was diagnosed with failure to thrive, then misdiagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

Exhausted and looking for an answer, Rosa and her husband traveled eight hours from Northern California to Stanford. There Dr. Kenneth Cox, the chief of the division of Gastroenterology, was able to quickly confirm that their baby was celiac.

For Rosa it came as a relief when her daughter was diagnosed because at least she knew that it was treatable. The diagnosis came in January 2011. She was 15 months old and in the 1 percentile for her age and weight. Within three months of the diagnosis and a complete change in diet, she was in the 87th percentile.

But in Rosa’s own catering business of three years, she was still working on cakes and pastries using flour – flour that was causing her daughter’s skin to react.

That was in May of 2011. Around the same time Rosa’s friend and Natural Decadence co-owner, Milia Lando, had just been diagnosed with adult-onset food allergies. Her food sensitivities had left her exhausted and almost unable to work. In addition to wheat, Milia had to cut dairy, egg and nuts out of her diet. Slowly she began to recover, but was navigating a new life without many of the foods she was once able to eat.

With Rosa’s background in making pastries, Milia encouraged her to create artisan products that were dairy free, egg free, nut free, and gluten free. They started the company with one flavor pie in our local co-op in Arcata.

They were a fast hit around their hometown of Humboldt, and caught the attention of Harvindar Singh, Whole Foods’ food forager. A year later, and still are, in Natural Grocers throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii. Visit our Retailers section for an up to date list of where to find our products near you.